Florence and the Machine Make Best Career Move Yet

florence and the machineFlorence Welch of indie band Florence and the Machine has got a lot on her plate lately. And that's a good thing -- for us, at least. She and her band just completed recordings for the follow-up to their 2009 juggernaut debut album, Lungs. (You may remember that catchy little diddy, "The Dog Days Are Over"?) Apparently, according to producer Paul Epworth, the singer is currently deciding which tracks she wants to use on the record. Oh, and she also just finished playing the Bonaroo music festival.

But that's not all Florence is up to. Yes, it gets better.


Rumor has it she's going to be designing her very own fashion line for the ultra-hip store, TopShop! Just like my queen Kate Moss did a few years. Peasants rejoice!

Although her outfits may be considered a bit "out there" to some, there's no denying the woman has taste -- and a completely unique sense of style. Chiffon dresses with trains as long as the naked eye can see? Check. Fire engine red hair? Check. Big name designers (ahem, Karl Lagerfeld) essentially throwing clothes at her? Mothering-effing check! A Florence Welch-designed clothing line would be nothing short of amazing. For both her career and my closet!

I've said it once and I'll say it again, I love me some Jessica Simpson-designed clothes. She's got cute bags, affordable shoes, and all around adorable clothes. But I don't feel like a badass wearing any of her stuff. (Like I do when I wear my Kate Moss shorts -- Oh yes, I purchased.) A Florence Welch line would be the perfect vintage-y, rock 'n' roll additions to my (and your!) pop star-cum-reality star-designed duds.

Florence, please let this rumor be true. I don't want to get my hopes up only to have them crushed into a million indie pieces. I know you're busy being a ridiculously famous rock star and all, but you've got a closet in Brooklyn to fill.

Would you buy clothes from Florence Welch?


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