Kim Kardashian's Wedding Dress -- New Details Revealed! (LISTEN)

Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries
Kris Humphries & Kim Kardashian
Everyone's dying to catch a glimpse of the much-talked-about Kim Kardashian wedding gown designed by Vera Wang for her union with honey Kris Humphries tomorrow. What's it going to look like? Full and fairytale-like? Slim and bootylicious? We've just got to know!

Well, the bride-to-be chatted with Ryan Seacrest today and revealed some details about THE DRESS. Best of all, Kim confidently predicts her wedding guests are going to leave the star-studded nuptials saying, "OH ... MY ... GOD ... THAT DRESS!"


Kim Kardashian used many adjectives to describe tomorrow's planned wedding festivities, including "glitz and glam," "intimate," and "heartfelt." She said guests will "feel the love." Awww.

Of course, we really honed in when she started talking about THE DRESS. She wouldn't give away any specific details when asked if it was strapless or not, but she did give us a great big hint by discussing how she decided on the style of her wedding dress:

I had this one vision of what I wanted this dress to look like, and Nicole Richie called me and said, "Oh my god, I have this vision for your gown. Just hear me out! I think you should go super classic, really old Hollywood! Think like museum. You can’t go with something trendy, you can’t show off too much!" So she came over and she was drawing out all these [dresses] ... It completely changed what I thought I was going with ... It's timeless!

More tidbits Kim revealed:

  • There will be at least one dress change, but Kim said there may be "even more than that."
  • Kim's stepdad Bruce Jenner will be walking her down the aisle since Kim's father Robert Kardashian died several years ago.
  • In honor of her dearly departed father, Kim will carry something of Robert Kardashian's down the aisle.
  • And what about the name change? "At home, I'll be Mrs. Humphries. Out on the streets, Kim Kardashian."

Take a LISTEN to Kim Kardashian and Ryan Seacrest's chat for yourself:

Are you getting excited to see the coverage of Kim and Kris's big day?


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