You Won't Believe What Costs Less Than New Olsen Twins Bag

the row backpack mercedes c-class

The photo on the left is of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's The Row backpack, soon to be available at Barneys. The photo on the right is of a Mercedes C-Class. What do these two things have in common, you're wondering? Why don't I tell you.

Both are superficial objects intended to exude taste and luxury. Both possess a sleek and sexy design. Both are the same price.

Actually, correction. The backpack is more.


The price of Mary-Kate and Ashley's gorgeous backpack is a cool $35,000, sometimes listed at $39,000. The price of the Mercedes C-Class starts at $33,990. Which would you rather have?

Personally, I'd go with neither. Cars are great -- and backpacks are, too! -- but I'd prefer to use that kind of money toward a down payment on a house or something. But that's just little ol' me.

My thoughts on celebrity designers are this: I used to be against it, but now, what with Jessica Simpson's adorable, affordable line, I'm for it. Why not, right? Celebrities are well-trained in the art of style. Who better to "design" clothes?

But charging $35,000 for a backpack is nothing short of ri-goddamn-diculous. Same goes for a $29,000 handbag, which is what Victoria Beckham and her fashion line are doing.

These ladies just got into the game. You don't just roll into the world of fashion designing after stints on Full House and as a Spice Girl and start slapping Louis Vuitton prices on your swag. I don't care if they're made out of Pegasus fur and unicorn horn shavings. There are rules.

As someone who loves fashion, bags in particular, I would not purchase either of these. Not just because I can't afford them (thanks for reminding me) and they're not necessarily my style, but because they're made by celebrities. Yes, I realize that goes against what I was just saying above about being into celebrity designers, but hear me out.

The reason I like Jessica Simpson's stuff is because it's cute, better made than Forever 21 crap, and still affordable. If a pair of shoes I bought from her line goes out of style in a year, who cares? No harm, no foul. And if Jessica Simpson suddenly becomes the laughing stock of the universe and it's considered a heinous crime to wear her stuff, again, no harm, no foul. If I'm ever going to spend $35,000 on a piece of clothing or an accessory (I won't), you bet your ass it's going to be something from Hermes, Balenciaga, or Louis. Because they're proven designers whose stuff will never go out of style.

If Posh or MK and A ever come out with a more affordable line, I'll be all over it, because I like their style. But until then, it's J.Simps all the way.

Stupid question: Would you ever buy a $35,000 backpack?


Image via The Row/Mercedes

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