Snooki's New Sunglasses Line Is Already Out of Style

snooki sunglassesI don't know what it is about Snooki, but everything she touches turns to gold. Her book was a New York Times bestseller, she gets about $100,000 an episode for Jersey Shore, and she's got a jewelry, slippers, stuffed crocodiles, and sunglasses line all coming out this fall. Cha-ching! She recently tweeted a sneak peek at her sunglasses and, what can I say? They're not horrible. They're totally in line with her brand -- they're trash-tastic, over-the-top, and Jerseylicious -- but there are just two things I find kind of confusing. What is she doing launching a sunglasses line in the fall? And what does that pink writing say?


First of all, I have no clue why she's launching in the fall. Seems like she could wait until spring to debut her sunglasses since she not only has a ton of other things coming out this fall, but a spring launch just makes so much more sense. Whatever, I'm sure she'll make a pretty penny off of these anyway.

What I do know is that the pink writing on the black frames says "Poof Nation." Mmmhmm. Funny thing is that Snook's hasn't really been rocking a poof recently. On this season of the Shore in Florence, she's been wearing her hair in a messy top bun and accessorizing with giant, flowery headbands, or '70s band ones. I dare say she looks super cute, too. The poof was a gimmick -- she's grown out of it and her look has evolved past hairspray and bump-its.snooki sunglasses

"Poof Nation" is already a little outdated. She might have gone with a more timely Jerseyism like "Cabs are here" or "GTL" or the highly inappropriate but hilarious "DTF." But Snooki will be Snooki and if she wants to start a Poof Nation, by gosh, she will.

And at a time when stores are approaching some of her cast mates to quit wearing their brand, maybe Snooki is smart to start her own thing. Leave it to Snooki, she'll probably fist pump all the way to the bank.

Will you wear a pair of Snooki shades?

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