Dianna Agron New Hairstyle Has Worst Possible Name

Diana Agron hair

Ever hear of the "shab"? I've heard of the "bob" and I've heard of the "shag" and when you put the two together, you get the "shab." So says Dianna Agron's stylist Giannandrea, who recently gave the Glee star's chin-length 'do this cool, flattering update that she debuted at the L.A. premiere of Glee: The 3D Concert Movie.

I am in love with it. The choppy sexy shab looks great on Quinn (but then again she could be bald and dye her scalp purple and she'd still look good).

But I am not in love with the name. Who wants a hairstyle that sounds so close to "scab" and is even defined as an "itch on animals"?


Not only that, but it's a potentially dangerous term to use while restrained under a big apron in front of a guy wielding scissors. What if your hairstylist mishears you and starts cutting other things instead? Much safer to go back to calling it a "shaggy bob" like they used to.

Agron joins the ranks of pretty people Jennifer Aniston and model Brooklyn Decker in those who recently decided to cut off their gorgeous blonde hair for shorter and sassier tresses. Only issue with the cut is that it makes the 25-year-old look a bit older and more sophisticated, which could present a bit of a challenge for her role as a high school cheerleader on Glee.

Or it could in fact be an integral part of the evolution of her character on the show this coming season, as Dianna Agron was recently also spotted with bright pink hair. The fuschia 'do was done for an episode of Glee which is super duper top secret. She said on Twitter: "Hey all! The pink is for work. Tried to keep it a surprise...so, that is all I will say! Thanks for all the nice comments on it! #barbiepink."

Are you going to be running to your salon this weekend asking for a "shab"? Do you like it?

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