Scarlett Johansson, Hayden Panettiere Design Ugly Shoes Worth Splurging On


stuart weitzman fashion night outI've never been big into brand names. Don't get me wrong. I have a huge appreciation for all that is Gucci, Prada, Chanel, and the high fashion company they keep. But if you were to ask me if I'd rather have $500 in my pocket or a pair of new Louboutins, I'll stick with the Benjamins.

So you can imagine that when I heard Olivia Palermo, Scarlett Johansson, Hayden Panettiere, and Michelle Trachtenberg have teamed up with designer Stuart Weitzman to make shoes for his Young Hollywood Cares collection, I wasn't over-the-top stoked. Especially since the designs start at a whopping $425.

But there's a catch here: All the proceeds go to ovarian cancer research at the Folkman Institute in Boston. That's pretty darn cool, no? You always hear "portions of the proceeds" going to such-and-such a cause. But gee, why couldn't these shoes be at least good-looking?

olivia palermo stuart weitzman

Palermo's design makes me think of one thing: A flamingo. If the shoe were featherless with just the black band, it would be such a classic! I could envision myself wearing these to just about every wedding I have to go to from now until forever.

Hayden Penettiere stuart weitzman

I don't hate Hayden's shoe. To be honest, I have a pair of black booties like this, and I wear them during the fall and winter seasons on nights out with the girls. I'm just not too sure what that little plate of metal is all about on the top corner.

michele trachtenberg stuart weitzman

Gossip Girl must be doing some wacky things to Trachtenberg's thought process. Her blue/purple/whatever you want to call this color alligator print shoe with rhinestones up the back is way too much for me.

scarlett johannson stuart weitzman

Scarlett's design is trendy for sure, but it screams clown fetish to me. The cutouts are what throw the curve ball here. I'd take a standard Oxford heel over this any day.

You got to hand it to Weitzman. He's gathered himself a good gaggle of girls to endorse his latest charitable venture. Trachtenberg and Panettiere will even be "unveiling" the collection on September 8 at one of his stores in NYC for Fashion's Night Out. Now that's ugly done right!

Would I be apt to buy more expensive things, like shoes from this collection, if I knew my money were going to a good cause? For sure. If I were in the market for some new shoes, then these designs could potentially be thrown into the ring. And besides, Louboutin makes enough of his money from the Kardashians as it is. He doesn't need my business.

Would you buy expensive clothes that aren't your style if the proceeds went to charity?


Images via Stuart Weitzman

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PonyC... PonyChaser

No. Value is still value, and I am so over spending money on things I don't need just because "it's for a good cause". I won't even buy wrapping paper from the kids at the neighboring school because it's $10 for a crappy sheet that's going to rip the minute I look at it.

Maybe it sounds cold and unfeeling, but I won't apologize, because the flipside is also true. For example... if I need a stand mixer, and I've done the research and decided that KitchenAid is the way to go, AND I'm open to the color pink... I would seriously consider purchasing the one which benefits breast cancer research. Because it's practical, it fills a need, and I find value in it.

Perhaps others will find these shoes to be a bargain, and they'll snatch them up. If that's the case, then bravo! I hope the charity makes a heap o' money.

bether89 bether89

No I would not.

nonmember avatar Hilary

I love Hayden's shoe actually. She isn't going too far with the girlie shit like the other shoes, her shoe is basic but at the same time still very trendy and at least if someone didn't want to buy the other shoes because they were too girlified then they would definitely opt with Hayden's basic shoe, which would also be the most comfortable.

So I like how she differenciated with the other shoes and I love Hayden's style. Hayden is a unique thinker and definitely outdid the other girls. That little metal plate is what you call fasion, my dear, adds that extra touch in contrast with the black.

Krist... KristinRox

No I dont think I would. If I wanted to donate money to a cherity I would be better off just giving the money rather then getting some fugly shoes for it.

clean... cleanaturalady

I actually love the Scarlett ones. 

frysh... fryshannon34

I wouldnt I would just donate instead

elasmimi elasmimi

I couldn't wear any of these. Let me know when SAS is doing a shoe for charity, then we'll talk.

JHanc968 JHanc968

Who could wear these?

sodapple sodapple

No, but I would give some money for a cause but not for clothes, even leads for shoes that I don't like.

DomsM... DomsMama07

No I would just donate the money!

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