Kate Middleton Infuriates Stylish New Yorkers

kate middleton & prince williamBad news, New Yorkers -- and Americans in general. NYC is no longer the fashion capital of the world. I'll give you one guess as to what is. (Hint: A certain future queen lives there.)

Yep, it's London. Home of Duchess Pretty Clothes herself and her wedding dress designer, Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. I mean, really, any other city would have just been uncivilized, right?

Here's the thing, though. Since Kate Middleton is single-handedly responsible for the English city's top spot, we're obviously going to start seeing hoards of Kate clones, right? And biting someone else's style isn't very fashion-y, now is it? So it's only a matter of time before the number one city is somewhere else again, correct?

Does any of this make sense?


Don't get me wrong, I love Kate's style -- like luuurve. But it's her style. And even though I myself may be guilty of occasionally being inspired by her while picking out an outfit, I wouldn't want to see a sea of bouncy, raven-haired women donning flouncy, just-above-the-knee dresses with a pair of kitten heels. And I'm kind of thinking that's bound to happen in England -- if it hasn't already.

As a fairly recent New Yorker (I've lived here just over a year, so, I dunno, can I even call myself a New Yorker yet? Is there, like, a timeline or something? Whatever, not pertinent), I've gotta say, the dudes and ladies (especially the ladies) kill it out here. Just this morning when I got onto the subway -- in a long dress, ratty sweater, and hundred-year-old Chuck Taylors -- I felt like I stepped onto a mobile fashion show or something. All the girls looked amazing with their Hermes jewelry, and their designer bags, and their totally fierce outfits -- all different from one another. It's kind of unbelievable to watch. And it kind of makes you feel like crap about your own clothes sometimes.

So, yeah, I say New York girls and their fashion rule! Aside from their obvious penchant for designer labels, they don't bow down to trends -- and if they do, they put their own twist on it. Like I said, I will always heart Kate Middleton and her sophisticated, elegant look, but I don't want to see a million clones of her.

Or do I ...?

Do you want to see a million Kate Middleton clones? Does she inspire your clothes at all?


Image via UK_repsome/Flickr

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