'Pan Am': Worth Watching for the Swoon-Worthy Clothes!

Pan AmI got a chance recently to see a preview of the pilot episode of Pan Am, the new ABC series set in the swinging '60s and revolving around the lives and loves of Pan Am flight attendants.

The show was fun and frothy. I'll definitely give the season a shot.

But I have to admit -- what really got me excited about the show was the clothing and hairstyles.

Seriously, Pan Am will give Mad Men a run for its money!

Check out some examples of upcoming Pan Am retro fashions after the jump!




Pan Am

First off, the flight attendant uniforms, which I assume are based on the real-life Pan Am uniforms of yore. I know they were uncomfortable, but I do wish flight attendants still dressed like this today ...


Pan AmI loved looking at the hairstyles, even though I still don't understand how they got this kind of volume and shine all day long ...


Pan Am

Finally, Christina Ricci, the star of Pan Am, looking all glam in green. Christina is shockingly thin for this series. Her newly uber-gaunt frame took some getting used to.

But her clothing is divine.

Pan Am debuts Sunday, September 25 at 10/9c on ABC. Watch the trailer here.

Will you tune in?

Images via Sony Pictures Television

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