Ann Curry Should Take a Lesson From Her Magazine Cover

Ann CurryI just caught the cover of the September Ladies' Home Journal, featuring new Today show host Ann Curry.

She looks AMAZING!

I love everything about Ann in this photo, from her hair and makeup to her clothing and accessories.

And I'll be honest.

I'm hoping she takes a look at this cover and resolves to apply it to her own real-life style.

Because the truth is that Ann has a long history of looking a little ...

... frazzled.

Agree or disagree?


I say this as an Ann Curry watcher and fan from way back.

When I was a young television anchor, I related to Ann reading the headlines on Today for all those years, and I based a lot of my style decisions on what she was wearing. I'd get a chuckle out of her many "bad hair days." We all have those, particularly those of us who were working for $17,500 a year and had no clothing or makeup allowance at the number-three rated station in Columbia, South Carolina!


This was all fine and good back in those days, but now Ann's the HOST of the Today show, and as much as I love her, the girl needs a makeover, STAT. When I catch her on the show, she is STILL looking frumpy and frazzled. That's one thing when you're a news reader, but when you're a host, it's another matter altogether.

And I'm assuming that she can now afford a stylist who can help her figure out what's what.

Perhaps the stylist from this photo shoot is available? Take a lesson from this magazine cover, Ann, and embrace your femininity and the colors yellow and orange. You looked mah-velous, and I want to see it continue!

What do you think of Ann's magazine cover?


Image via Ladies' Home Journal

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