Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring Is Even Scarier Up Close (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian engagement ringWe've all caught a glimpse of Kim Kardashian's obscenely giganteriffic engagement ring before now, but take another look at it in these newly released close-up shots. Just don't get too close to the screen because you might go blind. Holy crap it's so shiny. It's so bulky. It's so ... scary.

First of all, that thing has got to weigh at least 10 pounds. I worry that my favorite Kardashian gurl will eventually develop back problems if she doesn't balance it out with something of similar weight on the other hand.

Not to mention how uncomfortable it must be on her finger. That rock runs from knuckle to metacarpal. It's a wonder she can even bend that finger anymore.


And as you can see from the picture at right, the ring has clearly become the boss of her. Kim loves to wear clothes and look pretty. For most people jewelry is the stuff you put on after you pick out your outfit to accentuate it. It's the other way around for Kim post-ring. Now it's wake up -- put on ring -- and agonize over what clothing and accessories might complement it. So much pressure.

My own engagement ring is about 0.000000000013 the size of Kim's ring, and ever since the kids came along, it lives most of the time in an envelope in the lock box at the bank. Big rings and babies do not mix. (Neither do big rings and vending machines addictions, ouch.) They scratch baby's skin and catch on wipes and get poop on them, especially in those little crevices, which means you need to have it professionally cleaned. And that is the last thing you have time to do when you are changing poopy diapers all godforsaken day long. Because you know that right after that band goes on Kim's finger this Saturday, those rumors will be starting ... ohmygoodness the band. I forgot all about the wedding band.

Where the heck is she ever going to put that?

What type of wedding band would look good with Kim's engagement ring?


Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty

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