‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’ Lost on Christian Company Forever 21

forever 21Forever 21, every girl's go-to store for cheap, one-wear trendy clothes, is again in hot water. The chain is facing yet another lawsuit accusing them of copyright infringement -- the first suit came in 2009 when Trovata claimed Forever 21 ripped off seven of their fall designs, but this time around, it's Indie label Feral Childe that's claiming the juggernaut stole one of their patterns.

The case of F21 v. Trovata was declared a mistrial, and industry insiders aren't hopeful that Feral Childe will get the retribution that they deserve. In fact, Forever 21 doesn't create the clothes, they buy them from manufacturers, so F21 may not even be held responsible after all.

All that legal mumbo jumbo is fine and good, but don't I remember seeing John 3:16 printed on the bottom of my F21 bags? If they're so Christian, shouldn't they be at least trying to do the right thing? At least apologize?


Forever 21 hasn't been shy about their affinity for Jesus. The company is owned by Korean business partners Don and Jin Sook, who happen to be committed Christians. When they opened the F21 in London, Bible verses were printed on all the bags. Linda Sook, the owner's daughter, told the BBC:

The biblical verse on the bags is a statement of our family’s personal faith. I would think of it as no different than a favourite quote of someone’s.

And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. The store also shares their religious views on T-shirts they sell, some of which have phrases on them about love, God, Jesus, holy, prayer, faith, and trust.

What I find incongruous is the lack of respect and culpability Forever 21 displays in these lawsuits. Is it not the Christian way to repent for one's sins and to try and do the right thing? If they're so ready to display their religion on their clothing and accessories, shouldn't they also display it in their business practices?

It's like Forever 21 is the Countess LuAnn from The Real Housewivse of New York. You can't say you're an expert on manners, or faith, then turn around and screw over the little people. Not cool.

Click here for a look at Feral Childe's pattern and Forever 21's.

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Photo via GabrielaP93/Flickr

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