Madonna’s Style Growth Has Been Stunted (PHOTOS)

madonnaMadonna turns 53 years young today and the Material Girl is still going strong. And I mean that quite literally. Have you seen her arms? Anyway, Madonna's been a mainstay on the pop culture scene for over 30 years now, and her contributions to the music world are almost overshadowed by the impression she's made on the fashion world. From bandanna headbands to cone bras to bleach-blonde hair to long raven locks, she's defined style for three decades. But lately, I hate to say it, I think our birthday girl has gotten a little boring.

You're right. What do I expect! She's in her 50s. But this is Madonna we're talking about here after all. Don't you want a little more from her, too?





madonna mag cover
From 1985
Those eyebrows. Those accessories. That mole. What a place to start.

madonna mag cover
From 1988
Madonna evolved into a softer version of herself when she toned down the makeup and went back to her natural hair color.

From 1990
Who could ever forget this outfit? Pretty sure I wore my ponytail on top of my head for a year after seeing Madonna do it. Never got me a cone bra, though.

From 1998

From blonde ambition to practicing Kabbalah, Madonna's spiritual transformation in the late '90s showed in her changed sense of style.

From 2008
And here she is in 2008. So pretty, yet safe.

Her style evolution over the years has been incredible. What we love about her (and Lady Gaga) is that they keep us on our toes. But ever since 2002, Madonna's taken a break from impressing us with her latest and greatest style discoveries and has opted to stay looking rather classic with her blonde, Veronica Lake hair and elegant, sexy style. I think she looks amazing, don't get me wrong, but I'd love another Madonna makeover changeover to happen, and soon.

Either way, I wanna say happy birthday, Madonna! Change, don't change, whatever, we'll still love you. (But yeah, if you wanted to surprise us with a style 180, we wouldn't be opposed. Just saying.)

What do you think?

Photos from top to bottom via Frank Micelotta/Getty; bradcerenzia/Flickr, bradcerenzia/Flickr, Frank Micelotta/Getty; Frank Micelotta/Getty; david_shankbone/Flickr

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