In Defense of Skinny Jeans (PHOTOS)

skinny jeansSkinny jeans. Has there ever been a piece of clothing so controversial? A pair of pants with such a divided audience?

On one hand we have people who love skinny jeans and think there's most definitely a flattering pair for every shape (me). On the other, we have people who wish the tight-fitting garment would quietly slink out fashion's back door never to return again, because they don't look good on anyone except, well, skinny people.

I am here to tell you, you are wrong. Skinny jeans look good on everyone. You just need to find the right pair. Promise.


Personally, I own about 10 pairs of skinnies myself (they're cheap), and I'd be inconsolably heartbroken if they ever went out of style in favor of bell-bottomed pants (those are not flattering on everyone). The key to finding a pair that looks good, in my opinion, is to make sure they've got some stretch, as to allow the pants to hug you in the right places (not to be confused with jeggings, though), and to wear them with the right things.

Pretty much every pair I own hails from Urban Outfitters, most are by their brand, BDG. I find that these jeans always have just the right amount of stretch (I can move in them!), and they come up to the perfect point on my waist for my 5'3" stature. I.E., they're not resting on my pelvic bone, and they're not high-rises -- a trend that looks dreadful on me. Here is one of my favorite pairs, which I'm wearing today.

skinny jeans

See? I'm short. I find that these types of jeans actually elongate my legs a bit. Boot cut and wider-legged jeans tend to truncate my gams a bit, making them look like, well, trunks. I couldn't bring myself to photograph my hair, as it looks like garbage today.

skinny jeans

Here's a photo of a lovely lady with a body type dissimilar from my own. Wearing skinny jeans. And killing it. You can see she's a bit taller than me (everything looks better on taller people), so her skinnies have more of a "jean" feel to them -- this kind doesn't work on me. Any heel height looks good with a tapered leg, and as you can see, she's rocking some kitten heels. Loving the length of her shirt and those tats!

skinny jeans

Now here's Emily, our Editorial Assistant. Surely you recognize her. I like to think of this look as business on top, party on the bottom. She pairs a crisp button-down with dark jeans and flip-flops. Love it! Also, you should be impressed by this outfit, as she picked it up on the way into work this morning after someone spilled coffee all over her!

skinny jeans

Oh, hey there, innovative idea. This is a perfect example of a look anyone can do (or a rendition of) if you're self-conscious about your hips and butt. You still look adorable, you still look fashionable, and you still look confident!

skinny jeans

Ah, skinny jeans while pregnant. It can be done. And fiercely! Heels, loose-fitting top, blazer, hell yes.

skinny jeans

Kate's tall, thin stature shows that skinny pants -- cropped ones, at that -- look good on those of you lucky enough to possess the body of a model. Along with everything else.

They may sound scary, but skinny jeans really do look good on every type of body. You just have to find a way for them to work with yours. And, trust me, once you do, the possibilities are endless.

Are you planning on buying skinny jeans for fall?


Image via PORKCHOP RULES/softestthing/Flickr; Ian Gavan/Pool/Getty

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