How to Get Kate's Famous Bun Hairdo

Kate MiddletonSure, Reese Witherspoon was all smiles when she got a chance to meet Kate Middleton in Los Angeles last month, but you can tell that behind that sweet Southern grin, she's thinking, "Dammit, why didn't I think of that hairstyle?"

Good news, Reese! You can get it, too!

The stylists at Salon Nfuse here in Nashville showed me how to do it, and trust me, you'll want to see this -- there's an awesome secret to making a poufy bun with even thin hair that I've never seen before now!


Kate Middleton HairFirst, tease the top of your hair with a teasing brush. I showed you how to do this in yesterday's post. Smooth it over on the top and pull it back into a ponytail.

Kate Middleton HairHere's the trick: Only loop your hair halfway through the elastic, like so.


Kate Middleton HairThat way, you (or a friend) can then spread the loop into a bun shape. Carefully pin your "bun" into place and pin any loose ends underneath.

Kate MiddletonAnd voila! A poufy bun (with very little hair in it) that even Kate herself would envy! To go all-out Kate-like, use a curling iron to put gentle waves in the ends of your hair.

I love this bun idea for other bun-style hairdos as well. Have you ever heard of this trick?


Images via Karen Ballard/Getty Images, Lindsay Ferrier

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