Mean People Are Prettier Than Nice People

If you consider yourself a nice person, you might want to go take a quick look in the mirror. Are your features symmetrical? Do you like looking at your face? Are you considered "hot" by anyone other than your spouse? No? Then you're probably nice. Carry on.

As for those who, objectively, didn't pass the mirror test and found themselves to be pretty, you're likely a big, mean jerk. But hey, at least you're pretty! In all seriousness, a new study on human behavior shows that hot people really are meaner than their less hot counterparts. The study used the "Prisoner's Dilemma" test and asked participants whether they would cooperate or be selfish for personal gain.

Not surprisingly, the hot people were selfish. Oh and here's another newsflash: Bad people are bad. And losers are totally losers. Did we really need a study to tell us this?


Look, anyone who survived high school can remember that the mean girls were often also the best looking. This wasn't always true because there was the odd ugly girl who climbed her way to the top and then acted extra evil to stay there, but for the most part it was simple: Hot = Popular = Mean.

And why not? Anyone who says looks don't matter has clearly never been hot. The power good looks wield cannot be overstated. Everyone wants to help you, doors are held for you, you get out of speeding tickets, and people hand you free drinks at Starbucks. Those pesky rules that apply to everyone else? They don't apply to hot people. 

So why would they be nice?

I'm sure the comments will be rife with people who think they're hot AND nice. They will also likely address the one really beautiful person they know who was also super sweet and try to say it disproves the whole theory. And it's true. Not every beautiful person is also a jerk. And lord knows not every ugly person is nice (definitely not).

But for the most part, the study confirms what we already knew. The more beautiful the person, the less likely they are to think the normal rules apply.

So would you rather be nice or be beautiful?


Image via AshleyCooper/Flickr

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