Sarah Palin's Toes May Ruin Her Presidential Run


The one thing that is sure to keep Sarah Palin out of the White House isn't what you would think. The fun-loving narcissistic politician may be a fish out of water when it comes to Presidential intelligence, but people can take that. But her fashion choices? Maybe not so much.

Palin wore polka dot spotted toes beneath her sandals at the Iowa State Fair, and while Andrew Sullivan thinks her choice is simply silly, I say it's more like cringe-worthy. So, let's play a little game like we did back in elementary school. How many things can YOU spot (haha! Spot! Get it?) wrong with this picture? 

Here are three:

  1. Open-toes: Open-toed sandals are an ideal choice for any woman NOT running for President (or contemplating a run) during the summer months, but come on. Open-toed shoes are sexy, they aren't appropriate for corporate jobs, and they're most certainly not appropriate for women running for the highest office in this county. You can call it sexist, but I call it practical. If Obama wore Birkenstocks, I'd be writing the same column.
  2. Dry skin: When I can SEE the dry skin around your toenails, whether you're male or female, you're in need of a pedicure, stat. I don't know who does her toes, but with what she spends on every other aspect of her wardrobe, one might think she could afford an aesthetician who removes the dead skin. Look, I get it, she is an active woman, a runner, in fact (like me). But I am a blogger who works from the comfort of my home and I wouldn't be caught dead with that toe nastiness.
  3. Nail polish: If you're able to get past the first two egregious sins (and you shouldn't be), then the third is just so glaring, it cannot be overstated: Polka. Dot. Toes. Fun? Maybe. If you're 16. But at her age and position in life, it's just embarrassing.

Her feet are so many levels of wrong. And while it may seem sexist to evaluate a woman based on her feet, it's awfully hard not to. Her feet don't mean she can't be President. But they do tell me she would need a serious stylist in order to make that leap. Stat.

Do you like the toes?


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sweet... sweetcherry_59

OMG is this all you could find to write about today? If my life ever gets to the point where the best thing I can come up with to do with my precious time is write an entire article about a womans toe nail polish.......I will kill myself.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

Her toes are really cute and i have seen far worst looking toes then hers. If she wants to wear open toes shoes and black polish with polka dots who cares it's her choice.

Jaime Trosper

The writer of this article has some serious jealousy issues. It seems like she has bad things to say about everyone, and rarely ever are her stories relevant. Who cares about Sarah Palin's toes, and who cares what you think about Brooke Hogan posing for PETA. At least they have a life outside of critisizing others. Grow up!

Ashley Post

This is insane. Leave the woman's nail polish choices alone. I am no fan of Sarah Palin at ALL, but this article is ridiculous. Let's stick with policy.

lissa... lissalynn83

Seriously, you are writing an article about her ugly toenails? There is nothing wrong with how her skin/toes look, and I think her polish reflects that she is an individual with personality, and nothing more. And HELLO, it's HOT outside...why not wear open-toe shoes?

1blue... 1bluemonkey

Are you actually making MONEY writing this drivel? That's the real shame, here.

Meli5... Meli55aG2001

I'm not her biggest fan but who cares about her toes. They are cute. There are so many more imoperant things going on in the world than the color of her nail polish.

Laura Scarborough

not a fan of SP but I do recall when she was debuted for the VP run she was the media darling with her peep toe heels that she wore. Her pedi is not something I care for but the toe nastiness might have more to do with her running rather than her lack of a decent pedi. I'm a runner and do treat myself to regular pedis since I can't have fancy manis becuase of my job and I drive my nail tech crazy with my callouses, dry skin and general toe nastiness as you call it because of my regular 15-20 miles logged per week while running.

oh well.

Laastly, this is how we juddge our potential Presidential candidates...really? Honestly we as women should want so much more from any potential valid candidate.

nonmember avatar Cris

Let's stick to the issues when it comes to presidential candidates. BTW, Obama did wear flipflops when he was in Hawaii after his mother's death. Weather appropriate footwear. Palin's foot fashion choices do not interest me in the least.

mumma... mummajenni

My fellow ladies:

If your toes are hanging past the front of your sandals, then your shoes are too f'ing SMALL!!!!!!!

Otherwise, Sarah Palin is a bozo, and this polish job is super tacky.

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