Wearing Bella's Wedding Dress From 'Breaking Dawn' Is Creepy (VIDEO)

bella wedding sceneI make no secret of the fact that I'm a complete and total Twi-hard (Team Edward all the way!), but even I'm not enough of a superfan to get behind the replica of Bella's "Edwardian-inspired" wedding dress set to hit stores this November. (After Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is released, of course. Because nobody gets to see that dress before the movie comes out! Don't even ask!)

The knock-off will be designed by Alfred Angelo, known for his copycat creations of Kate Middleton's gown and those of several Disney princesses. Awww. I always wanted to look like Cinderella on my wedding day ... and then I turned 6.

To be fair, Angelo seems to do what he does quite well. I mean to say, if I really had my heart set on looking just like Kate Middleton while walking down the aisle, I'd head straight for one of his "signature shops." But come on, ladies ...


Your wedding day and Halloween do not have the same dress code! It seems to me that it's sort of important, symbolically, to not look like you're dressing up as a fictional character on one of the most personally meaningful days of your life.

Perhaps the unspoken hope here is that if a girl wears the same dress as Bella when she walks down the aisle, the man she finds at the end will have somehow magically transformed into Edward, i.e., Robert Pattinson. This is entirely understandable.

Sadly, it won't work. I know this because my attempts to conjure up the phantom of RPattz by jumping from high cliffs and riding a motorcycle with no helmet like Kristen Stewart in Eclipse failed miserably. Magical thinking, they call it. Whatever.

Look at him standing there in his tux! (I know you've watched this trailer before, just watch it again.)

Now, all of that said, I would wear a wedding dress inspired by Bella's Breaking Dawn gown. Something along the same lines without crossing over into costume territory. A perfectly acceptable and not at all creepy-delusional option.

Would you get married in a replica of Bella's wedding dress?


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