Designer Is Krazy to Accuse Kardashians of Ripping Off Purses

kardashian kollection botkier bagHave you seen the Kardashian Kollection yet? It's kind of kute. They've got girly belts adorned with bows, sexy (really sexy) lingerie, oh, and handbags ripped off other designers.

According to accessories designer Monica Botkier, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe stole one of their Sears collection handbags from her. And she isn't happy. She took to her website's blog to say: "We just discovered how our Botkier ‘Clyde’ was simply copied by Kardashian Kollection for Sears. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery but we don’t think so ...”

Hmm ... if the Kardashians did copy a Botkier handbag, that's pretty messed up. But I think "copy" might be a bit of a stretch here.


If you'll look at the purses above, yeah, sure, there are some similarities. The main one being the diagonal zippers. Okay, and the pockets with ties on the side. But the thing is, both of these bags look like, well, every other bag on the street right now. Sorry, ladies. They're lovely accessories, but it's true.

I'm all for fashion designers being protected against piracy. They are, after all, artists, and their hard work should be safeguarded. But who's to say what even constitutes "copying" anymore? Yes, there are cases which are extremely cut and dried (fake Louis Vuitton bags, for instance), but most bags, and jewelry, and even clothing look eerily similar these days. As much as we all like to fashion ourselves as totally original, that's just kind of how it is.

urban expressions hayden toteTake this Urban Expressions Hayden Tote for example. It, too, has diagonal zippers and dual carrying handles. It's not quite as similar to the Botkier bag as the Kardashian Kollection one, but there are a lot of comparable design elements. If I didn't have other posts to write, I would troll the Internet for hours, and I'm sure I could find something even more akin. See? No bag is all that original.

Whether the Kardashians actually ripped off the Botkier bag or not will remain a mystery. They would never flat-out admit it. Although, it is glaringly absent from the Sears website today.

I don't think they did, though. Because, let's get real here, they probably weren't even the ones who designed it.

Do you think the Kardashians kopied the Botkier bag?


Image via Neiman Marcus/Sears

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