Reese Witherspoon Shops Like She Means It

Reese WitherspoonA girl after our own hearts, Reese Witherspoon is a bona fide shopaholic of the best possible sort. It seems 9 out of 10 times she's photographed it's while she's trolling the Hollywood shops for gear with bags on her arms. Sure we see her out jogging, or dazzling us on the red carpet here and there, but it's when she's out shopping solo that she's most relatable and really shines. Lately she's been shining a lot, shopping it up all over the place.

Plenty of other celebrities regularly hit the stores all glammed up and teetering on heels (Paris Hilton, we're looking at you), but real shoppers know that's no way to really shop. On and off with the jewelry, straps and belts to tangle with constantly, and your aching feet at the end of the day make shopping torture rather than the treasured treat it is. Witherspoon, however, does it like a pro and looks amazing while doing so. We all could learn a little something from her shopping style.


For example, she's not afraid to hit the shops in workout gear. After all, the shops are there to impress her, not the other way around. Even when she's sporting a cute, more dressed up look, she follows smart shopping guidelines like wearing flat shoes (no wonder she's always smiling, and some others are not) and simple pieces without lots of buttons. She even wore denim and chambray while shopping Paris.

You can tell she's really shopping, and not just out trying to see and be seen. That's probably the reason her style seems so effortless and attainable, because it's what she picks out for herself instead of what some stylist thinks would be best. Some stars may need a stylist, and that's fine, but Witherspoon does a great job on her own and she seems to thoroughly enjoying doing it. It's no surprise that she and Kate Middleton seem to have hit it off so well. I can just see them swapping sweaters and shopping together ... sigh, any shopper's dream.

How do you dress when you go shopping -- to impress or to do business?

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