Tattoo Tights: Trashy or Totally Awesome?

Tattoo SocksHere's something you don't see every day.

Tattoo Socks is a stocking maker out of Israel selling hosiery with tattoo prints on them -- and I have to admit, I'm smitten!

For someone like me with much too much basic black in my wardrobe, these tights seem like they'd be a fun way to liven things up on a special occasion -- and I'm sure I'd be getting lots of double-takes from people wondering if I had actually tattooed these designs on my leg!

Tattoo Socks has lots of different options. Click through to see them, and tell me what you think of them in the comments!





Tatoo Socks

For the social media enthusiast, there are these Follow Me tights. Of course, you'll have to tell people your Twitter handle so that they can meet your demands, but these tights would definitely get the conversation started!


Tattoo SocksI'm in awe of these Forest Symphony thigh highs (Tattoo Socks, $21). How about you?

EtsyThese Snow Queen Tights (Tattoo Socks, $23) are definitely giving me ideas for our next Christmas party ...

Tatoo SocksI'm also liking these sophisticated Peacock Feather Tights (Tattoo Socks, $23) ...


Tattoo SocksAnd True Blood fans will appreciate these Bite Me thigh high stockings (Tattoo Socks, $18).

What do you think of these tights? Would you buy some for yourself?


Images via Tattoo Socks

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