The Kardashian Kollection: Come See the Sexier Side of Sears!

Kardashian KollectionSears has debuted its highly anticipated (*snort*) Kardashian Kollection, and it is all we had hoped it would be and more!

There are lots of super-short dresses, super-snug leggings, and super-high platform heels, but to me, the entire collection can be summed up in these words:


They are available at Sears now for the bargain price of $99!

I mean, really. Does it get any better than this?

Judge for yourself after the jump!


Kardashian Kollection

The Girl Scout Moms will LOVE you if you show up at the next meeting in this super hot Kardashian Kollection Tattoo-Print Dress (Sears, $99)!


Kardashian Kollection

Everyone will know you are SO LAST SEASON when you show up in these leather-look leggings from the Kardashian Kollection (Sears, $58)!


Kardashian Kollection

Try wearing this Kardashian Kollection Mesh Cut-Out Dress (Sears, $99) at work and you're sure to get a promotion!


Kardashian Kollection

I can totally see you rocking this One-Shoulder Striped Knit Dress (Sears, $99) at the next church picnic!


Kardashian KollectionYou're really nobody unless you have a Kardashian Kollection Pantsuit (Sears, $99) in your closet!

So what do you think of Sears partnering with the Kardashian sisters? Will you shop this collection?


Images via Sears

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