Missoni for Target: Is This the Best Designer Collaboration Yet?

Missoni for TargetThe lookbook for Missoni for Target is out and I have to say I'm impressed by the 400-piece collection, which includes women's, men's and girls' clothing, accessories, shoes and housewares.

Check out this fabulous sweater set and accordion pleat skirt, for example.


I'm very concerned about the quality of the knit -- somehow it's hard to believe that it'll be anything but scratchy.

But from lookbook photos alone, anyway, I definitely want to check this collection out in person.

So yes, I'll be at my local Target on September 13th, the day the collection debuts.

Want to see lots more looks from the collection?

Click through!

And then tell me what you think of this collaboration in the comments.

Missoni for Target

I could get behind this look. How about you?


Missoni for Target

And I'm crazy about the patterned tights ...

Missoni for Target


Missoni for Target


Missoni for Target


Missoni for Target

Must. Have. Rainboots.


Missoni for Target

Missoni for Target

I'm also liking this look.

Missoni for Target

And I LOVE this dress!


Missoni for Target

I also like this dress and jacket, preferably with black tights.



Missoni for Target

Cool shoes!

Missoni for Target

Cute bags!

Missoni for TargetMust have the black and white set ...



Missoni for TargetAnd the barrettes ...


Missoni for Target

And perhaps my favorite aspect of the collection is the girls' clothing. I am totally envisioning my daughter in these looks this fall ...

Missoni for Target

Missoni for Target

So ... What do you think of this collection?

Images via Missoni for Target

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Melissa Loor

Am I the only one who got a headach scrolling through these??? The patterns are soo busy..


Sarah Keys

Drab. Sorry.

TheHi... TheHighLife

Wow. Those are... wow. 

Water... Water_geM

Who raided my mothers 70s wardrobe?

Stephanie Winans

I love a few of these, and will definitely be raiding my Target, too!

Katt709 Katt709

Are we back in the 70s? I don't think I'll be wearing any of that. Maybe one piece at a time - but as outfits, these are too much.

Lo1427 Lo1427

as separates...yes. As outfits...no.

nonmember avatar mela1012

I'm I missing something...don't like a thing. :(

Lynette Lynette

one piece at a time cute.  head to toe I will leave to the teenagers

buffa... buffalove23

I'm all about needing those rain boots

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