Drew Barrymore Stars in the Neiman Marcus Fall Catalog

Neiman MarcusNeiman Marcus went high-profile with its fall fashion shoot.

The star?

Drew Barrymore.

It's a fashion spread I'm loving, because we get so accustomed to seeing size zero models in these clothes that it's nice to be reminded that a more realistically-sized woman looks great in them, too.

(Although I will say that Drew is looking as thin in these photos as I've ever seen her. Check out that waist!)

Want to see some photographic highlights from the campaign?

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Neiman Marcus

I will say this. So far, this is the first fall in a while when I haven't been excited by the new styles. They seem like a major repeat of last year.


Neiman Marcus

Didn't J. Lo wear this dress to meet Prince William and Kate? And these high-waisted pants-- UGH. Drew manages to prove that NO ONE looks good in them!


Neiman Marcus

I do love the bordeaux color, which is going to be big this fall. I'll have to snatch up as many bordeaux-colored pieces as I can, because this is a great color on brunettes. And neutrals are back. Again.


Neiman Marcus

So is fur. Whoopee.


Neiman MarcusI am excited about one thing.

Drew's hair. Is it not GORGEOUS in this shoot? I wish it were mine- the color and the style. And I'm loving it with red lipstick.

What do you think of Drew's fashion spread? Do you like any of the looks? And what do you think of her hair?


Images via Neiman Marcus

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