Kristen Stewart Turns From a Vampire Into This

kristen stewart W coverKristen Stewart has been on a ton of magazine covers before, but never quite like this. The 21-year-old star of Twilight is W magazine's September cover girl, but if you don't look closely enough, you might not recognize her. In the cover photo, Kristen looks soft, alluring, and innocently sexy in her '60s-style hair and makeup. It is such a welcome change from her normally "angst teen" look she seems to opt for most often when she pairs torn jeans with a scowl. I like this delicate version of Kristen.

Sure, maybe Kristen is just playing dress-up for W, but she's gorgeous, talented, and a mega-star. I think now that Twilight is over, Kristen could be looking to revamp and/or vamp up her image a bit and this cover shoot was a good place to start. KStew could be our next style icon, if she so chooses.


Who knows if she'll go down that road though, but in all honesty, it seems like a fairly easy route to take in order to stay publicly relevant when not making hit movies. Add in some personal life tidbits and Kristen's style and romance drama could keep her in the news forever, even if she never worked again. Being stylish does have its career benefits.

But one W shoot does not a fashion icon make. She's going to have to work for this, if it is, in fact, what she wants. She won't have to completely change -- I think her tomboy quality is appealing, and many would agree. So while a transformation into a '60s sex pot puts her in a new light, I don't think she needs to do a 180 forever.

Kristen should weave in aspects of her boyish style as she morphs into a woman in her mid-20s who's a bit more feminine and flirtatious in her style choices. She's going to have to say goodbye to Bella and find out who she is without her. Fashion can change a person's attitude, can change a person's opinion about you, and can majorly affect your perception of yourself. If Kristen is looking to get more adult roles, to leave the sad teen act behind, I think this W cover put her on the right path.

After all, cat-eye makeup, a lot of hairspray, and a little bit of desire are powerful stuff.

What do you think of Kristen's W cover?

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