Does Pippa Use Butt Padding to Hide a Mystery Disorder?

pippa middletonHi. My name is Lindsay and I suffer from ELB. It's taken me years and two boyfriends to figure it out, but now I've accepted my ELB diagnosis. I've yet to find a solid support group for my condition, but after opening up to my family, it turns out that my sister has also been struggling with ELB. She filled me in that we're not alone: latest reports around in the Internet suggest that one Pippa Middleton is trying to hide her ELB from the public -- it's rumored she wore butt pads at the royal wedding that enhanced her derriere to conceal that she, too, has an Extra Long Back.


ELB is when your back just sort of glides into your legs, leaving you virtually buttless. For example, if you look at me from behind, I'm straight as a board from my shoulder blades down to my heels. ELB afflicts many women across our country, and no matter what we do, we'll always have an ELB. No amount of weight gain or ass workouts will help.

So when TLC aired their Crazy for Pippa special and had experts who suggested that Pippa wore butt padding under her bridesmaid dress at the royal wedding, I felt a little less alone. Pippa's ass has gotten a ton of attention -- it's so small yet so round and perfect -- but now it seems she may have had some help from padded undergarments. These butt experts on the show say that Pippa's ass in her white dress was way fuller than it is in real life, citing paparazzi photos of Pippa where her butt looks less, well, amazing.

While I have no idea if that's true or not (I would guess it wasn't), I feel inspired to add a little padding to my caboose for my next big event. I have a dress I need to fill out a little more in the rear for a wedding coming up in September, and yeah, I'm considering padding my ass. Women wear padded bras, so what's the difference?

I'm going for it. If I can pretend I don't have ELB for a night, why not?

Do you or someone you love suffer from ELB? Would you pad your ass?

Photo via Chris Jackson/Getty

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