M.A.C. Teaches How to Get Fuller Lips Fast (VIDEO)

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M.A.C.This M.A.C. video tutorial showed up in my inbox this morning and I'm loving it.

It's a quick, easy way to make it look like you have the fullest, most luscious lips in town -- and you probably already have the products to do the job in your makeup drawer.

Check it out after the jump!

Love it!

My favorite secret is the one about highlighting the cupid's bow of your lip with a cream base. I would probably use a bit of undereye concealer there, which would be just a tiny bit lighter than your normal skin tone.

The concealer also helps keep your lip gloss from feathering in the cracks of your lips, which is helpful since you're not wearing lip pencil with this tutorial.

I also like the idea of using a slightly lighter color on your bottom lip than on your upper lip.

The most important tool in this tutorial is a lip brush. M.A.C.'s lip brush is $19.50. I invest in a couple of M.A.C. brushes each year. They're expensive, but they last for years and they really do make a difference in makeup application.

However, the makeup artists I work with at Salon Nfuse here in Nashville (who do the makeup of lots of celebs here) say that if you can't afford expensive makeup brushes, Sonia Kashuk's makeup brushes at Target are a great cheaper alternative. Good to know, right?

So what do you think of this video tutorial? Will you try it? I can't wait to!


Image via M.A.C.

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sweet... sweetcherry_59

This video gave me motion sickness.....I like my makeup tutorials to actually show me wtf they are doing. All the blurring of the shots and the camera man on crack shaking the camera around just annoyed me.

Kelli... KelliansMom

wow they could have done better on the camera stuff ....and i will use a little white eyeline too on the cupids bow.....and you can find cheaper stuff that works just as good as mac you just need to search 

nonmember avatar fyfe

i couldn't quite figure out what 'tricks' she was doing..? short of adding in the light line on top, it just sounded like she was filling in her lips with a brush.

ethan... ethans_momma06

My lips are just fine, thankyou

Storm... Stormy6669

 I need help with fuller lips, thanks

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