'Project Runway' Recap: Kim Kardashian Joins the Circus!

project runway stiltsOn this week's Project Runway, the designers had to create on-trend fashions for regular models ... on STILTS ... in randomly matched pairs. OMG, if last week's pet store challenge was Welcome to the Jungle, this week was Circus, Circus!

In fact, everyone got caught up in snippy side show acts while designing. Surprise surprise, Viktor and Bert ended up together and HATED working together. Oh wait, almost everyone hated working with someone else, whether it was because one designer is self-taught and the other went to school (Bryce and Fallene), or whether one person was "mountain woman" and the other was Mr. Bedazzle It! glam (Julie and Joshua McKinley).

One thing everyone could agree on was that the outdoor runway show (a Project Runway first!) in front of PRESS in Battery Park, where they were to present their designs, was exhilarating. Oh, and uhm, how cool it was that the guest judge was none other than ... Kim Kardashian?!


Overall, there were many show-stopping designs, but there was just one "WOW! dress" -- Anthony and Laura's! Their "Paris couture" design, done entirely in dramatic scarlet red (pictured above), was stellar. As far as I'm concerned, it put ALL the other designs -- most of which were "costumey," totally "under-the-big-top," and clowny --  to shame. Kim was a huge fan of it, as well. She thought it was elegant, and you know, I could actually see her rocking it for an event or in a magazine photo shoot! Plus, the other judges said they could see the outfit scale-down on a normal size woman. (Of course, on Kim it would have to be scaled down quite a bit for her petite frame!) Interestingly, it seemed like of all the pairs, Anthony and Laura worked best together. So, it makes sense that their collaboration translated to the challenge-winning result! As Laura said, winning IS awesome -- but especially when you do it as a team! These two totally deserved it!

And the teams that didn't get along so well? Well, unsurprisingly, they were the ones that bit the dust. Viktor should have gotten the boot for his catty attitude with Bert and ridiculous "Elizabethan/Victorian" confused concept, but in the end, self-trained Fallene was out for failing to truly contribute to the sad, Black Swan-goes-to-sleep design she and Bryce presented. (Kim even said the tube top part of their outfit was like something she'd wear to bed -- eeek!) But really, I think it had to do with her not quite fitting the couture mold. The silver lining: I have a feeling it's her eccentricities that will help her do just fine in the long-run. Who knows ... she could very well be the next Betsey Johnson! That's the over-the-top kind of look Fallene seems meant to create. 

What did you think about this week's stilt-walker looks?


Image via MyLifetime.com

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