'Vogue' Thinks Kate Moss' Wedding Was Better Than Kate Middleton's

kate moss vogueSupermodel Kate Moss got married back in July, and if I remember correctly, not too many of us cared all that much about it. I mean, after Kate Middleton's wedding to a freaking prince, any wedding was going to pale in comparison, right?

And so it was: Kate Moss' wedding to musician Jamie Hince was just a wee bit underwhelming from an outsider's perspective ... which is why I find it curious that Vogue decided to dedicate their all-too-important September issue to Moss' wedding, and not Middleton's.


Could Anna not land the princess for her magazine? It just seems odd that Moss' wedding, which was not overly memorable or spectacular, is the cover story of the biggest Vogue issue of the year, two months after it happened.

Moss' wedding gown, designed by outcast John Galliano, wasn't what many of us hoped it would be. The fit seemed to be off, and the design seemed less than inspired. Perhaps the beauty of the dress lay in the details, which are hard to see in mere photos.

She looked gorgeous of course (she's Kate freakin' Moss after all) but I remember looking at the pictures from her wedding when they were released and thinking, "Wow, that looked like a nice wedding. So. Hmm. Anyway, what should I have for lunch? Oh, I think I have a Chipotle coupon that's about to expire." The story of Moss' wedding just didn't hold my attention.

Now, it seems, Vogue is trying to tell us to care, as if to say forget about that Middleton chick, she's no model, she's no tried and true fashion icon, focus on our supermodel, focus on our fashion photographers, realize that royalty is not fashion and Moss' wedding was the fashion event of 2011, not whatever that thing was that took place at Westminster Abbey.

On the cover, the title reads: Kate Moss: An Inside Look at the Most Romantic Wedding of the Year.

Take that, royals.

Would you rather Vogue's cover story be an inside view of Kate Middleton's wedding, or are you happy with Kate Moss?


Photo via Vogue.com

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