Rihanna's Hair Should Look Better for the Insane Amount She Spends on It

rihannaWhen a Rihanna song makes its way on from my iPod's shuffle mode, you know I'm dancing. Please don't stop the music ... do do do do do. That is my girl. In fact, if you would have asked me yesterday what I dislike about Ri-Ri, I would have answered, "Why, nothing at all, you crazy and insane person." But today is a different day.

It's recently been unearthed that the pop singer spends a whopping $22,706 a week on her hair. A week, people! I don't give a rat's ass how filthy rich you are, that is totally unacceptable.


And no offense, but especially when it's Rihanna's hair. Sorry, but it's true. Not only did that red hair leave something to be desired, it long overstayed its welcome. I mean, Rihanna's a beautiful girl with a ridiculous body, but that color looked like something out of a Manic Panic jar. And I know from experience.

Like I said, I don't condone it, but I could at least better understand if someone like Lady Gaga was spending that amount a week on her hair. Making hats and bows and ... crustacean-like things out of, well, more hair seems like it would be rather labor-intensive. I would get the hefty price tag. Or even Kate Middleton! Sure, she's got one helluva mane to work with, but it's sort of become her trademark -- utterly fantastic hair. Not to mention, she's scrutinized at a much more microscopic level than, say, Rihanna.

And even if Rihanna's red 'do did cost that much to maintain (which, it couldn't have ... could it?), she's back to darker -- normal-colored, easier-to-maintain -- locks. And she looks unbelievably fantastic. She's got sort of a beachy, sexy, Beyonce thing going. I'm totally digging it.

But still, it couldn't possibly cost $22,706.

Do you think Rihanna spends too much on her hair?


Image via avrilllllla/Flickr

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