Garnet Hill Has Great Style Ideas for Moms This Fall

Garnet HillI know, I know.

I always come back to Garnet Hill, either for the great end-of-season sales or for the beginning-of-season catalog photos.

Well, I just received Garnet Hill's fall catalog and I have to show you some of the photos, because I love these ideas for moms this fall. The look is both comfortable and stylish, and that combination can be hard to find these days.

Sure, Garnet Hill's clothing is too expensive for a lot of us, but even if you can't afford it, you can get some great ideas on what to buy this season, or how to update the clothing you already have.

I love, for example, how this Printed Draped Cardigan is paired with a ruffled skirt and belted. Add tights and boots and you look both comfortable and put-together.

Want to see more great Garnet Hill looks for fall? Read on!


Garnet HillI love this photo, both as a way to re-use those flowy cardigans you bought last year to wear over leggings AND as a way to take some of your summer dresses into fall. BRILLIANT.

Garnet HillHere's another idea along the same lines. Wear your flowy summer-ish dress with a pretty wrap and thick tights. Love.


Garnet HillA gingham blouse paired with a ruffly cardigan is an unexpected combination, and a great way to add a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe.


Garnet HillHere's a great way to shop your closet. Belt that long cardigan and add a scarf and you're ready for work -- or for that meeting with the principal to discuss your child's antics.


Garnet HillI'm crazy about this entire outfit. Start with a soft pretty dress in a neutral tone, add a wrap, textured tights, and a belt, and you're a showstopper! This particular Faux Layered Knit Dress is $98 at Garnet Hill and it's now on my wish list!

Garnet HillDon't you soooo want to be this woman in the car rider pick-up line? I love the unexpected pairing of a quirky floral cardigan with a striped shirt, and I've now determined from these photos alone that boots and tights are going to be MY THING this fall.


Garnet HillUpdate your look this season by tucking those slim-fitting jeans into your boots. Pair them with a sharp sweater for an equestrian-inspired look to love.

Want to stay inspired (and stay on top of when these clothes go on sale)? Order Garnet Hill's catalog here. It's one of my faves!

What do you think of these ideas for fall?


Images via Garnet Hill

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