American Apparel Hits New Low With Offensive T-Shirt

american apparel shirtJust when all was quiet on the creepy American Apparel front, Dov Charney lobs this gem at us.

The list of salacious stuff associated with the company really is endless, but let's go over a few noteworthy things before delving into the meat of this post -- it will allow it to sink in better. 

Let's see ... there was the totally disgusting, totally weird Butt Magazine towel ... Oh, and who could forget about the sexual harassment lawsuit against Dov from a former employee ... And, hey, does anybody remember those advertisements that featured a lady's -- click at your own risk -- unkempt nether-regions? See? This company's nasty.

And now, my friends, I bring you to today's naughty tidbit from the land of bodysuits and tube socks. American Apparel just came out with a blatantly offensive, rather ugly T-shirt that reads, as you can see, "Teenagers Do It Better."



First, let's discuss the overall message: Teenagers do it better. I'm assuming Dov is talking about sex here -- that's what "do it" usually refers to, and to that, I must strongly disagree. I certainly don't want to delve into the sexual practices of teenagers, as that's just ooky, but I will say, I don't think the thing teenagers "do best" is, well, it. I think they can do acne like nobody's business. And angst. And the feeling of being misunderstood. But sex? Negatory. Okay, let's stop talking about teenagers and sex. I’m started to feel weird.

Secondly, the conversation tee. I'm against it. It's lame, it's passe, it's strictly for frat boys in the midst of a beer pong tourney. For a company that perceives itself to be the coolest thing since Velcro (have you even been to one of their stores? The employees are essentially comatose), I would have expected a little more. These kinds of shirts were (sort of) cool, like, 10 years ago. American Apparel may as well be selling an offensive version of an "Everybody loves an Italian girl" shirt. Or something that says, “Trust me, I’m a doctor.”

When American Apparel first came out, I’ll admit, I thought they were pretty intriguing. I saw a bunch of basic T-shirts and leggings at reasonable prices and thought, “Sweet. I can get down with this.” Now when I see their stuff, I just think, “Man, what a perverted company with really cheesy clothes.”

Suck on that, Charney.

What do you think of American Apparel?

Image via American Apparel

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