You'll Never Guess What They're Doing to Bernie Madoff's Old Pants! (PHOTOS)

bernie madoff ipad caseIf you asked me if I wanted a legitimate piece from my fave celeb's wardrobe, I'd say of course! Can you imagine? The thought of owning one of Lea Michele's cute tops or a dress worn by Duchess Kate Middleton makes my knees go weak!

So Bernie Madoff fans (are there any left out there?), get excited, because you now have that opportunity to own a piece of money-swindling history. Bernie's pants are up for grabs! Not to worry, you'll be able to show them off no matter the size, considering these beauties aren't exactly for wearing.


A limited quantity of Madoff's bottoms were scooped up at a wardrobe auction last year by entrepreneur John Vaccarro, and are now being made into -- are you ready for this? -- iPad cases by his company, Frederick James

Not just any iPad cases, though. Really mind-blowingly over-the-top expensive designer iPad cases.

The iPad covers range from $250 to $500, and the Los Angeles Times reports a Wall Street lawyer bought five of the original designs at $500 apiece to give as Christmas presents. Wowza! Let's take a look-see at these designs, shall we?

bernie madoff ipad caseThis Murphy & Nye Sailmakers Pants Orange style (size 36, $500) is a playful shade of orange. The gold button is super chic, and it would totally complement my complexion.

bernie madoff ipad caseThe yellow on the inside pocket of this case made of J.Crew Khaki Pants (size 34 x 30, $250) would look stellar next to the white iPad 2, don't you think?

bernie madoff ipad case

The Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Khaki Pants with orange wool accent cover (size 36 x 30, $350) is perfect for the sophisticated man in your life. Who knows, maybe some of Bernie's earlier non-criminal financial successes will rub off on him!

The fact of the matter is that practically speaking, these iPad cases aren't exactly going to protect your tablet from a whole lot of anything. But if you have the money, then what the hey! It's a cool story to tell. And while Madoff is serving his 150-year sentence in North Carolina's Butner Federal Correctional Complex, you can be swaddling your iPad in his threads.

What do you think of iPad cases made of Bernie Madoff's old pants?


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