Kate Middleton Doesn't Deserve to Be Bashed for This

kate middletonIn one fell swoop, the world became obsessed with Kate Middleton's style. Her bouncy raven locks, her tailored -- and totally wearable -- clothing, and those eyes. Those beautiful, black, perfectly-lined eyes. Everyone hearts Kate's fashion sense. That is, everyone except Vivienne Westwood and Kelly Osbourne.

The veteran designer recently sat down with the Sunday Times Magazine and ripped Duchess Catherine a new one, saying she has a "problem with eye makeup" and her style is that of an "ordinary woman." Rude.

Then there was Kelly Osbourne. The non-royal reality star told Jay Leno that she doesn't think Kate should be recycling dresses (aka be thrifty), and that if she had Kate's job, she would only wear clothes once. Well, la di freakin' da, Ms. Osbourne.

Vivienne. Kelly. Can I have a word with you?


You did not just go and diss my girl Kate. Duchess Catherine is the epitome of elegance and class -- because she doesn't take herself or her clothes too seriously like you two yahoos. We get it, you're high-fashion, congratulations. But why don't you take your snobbery and lob it at someone else? Anyone but Kate.

If you must know, the reason we all hang on every fashion step Kate takes is because she looks comfortable. She never looks like she's stuffed into a dress she can barely walk in or like what she's wearing is about to break. She wears her clothes, they don't wear her -- which is more than we can say for a lot of other celebrities.

And why make fun of anyone's sense of style like that? That's not nice. And it's definitely not chic. You don't see Kate talking crap about your bright yellow hair, Vivienne, or your gobs of makeup, Kelly, now do you?

You want to know why? Because she's classy. And if you ask this ordinary girl, that's always in fashion.

Do you think it's nice to make fun of Kate's style? You know where I stand ...


Image via Chris Jackson PT/Getty

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