Wear a Short Skirt, Save the Stock Market From Ruin?

new york stock exchangeSo by now, we're all aware that things are slightly no bueno down on Wall Street. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost more than 600 points yesterday. The stock exchange is in a frenzy. I definitely overheard a distressed businessman screaming to a colleague about his children's college funds when I got on the train last night.

Is it scary? Of course. But you know what's even creepier? The fact that we could have seen this coming. One blogger recently wrote about an old wives' tale that says we can predict the trajectory of the stock market according to the length of women's skirts in fashion that season. Long skirts mean the market's about to plunge. Short skirts are a sign that it's going to shoot skyward. And, gasp, looking at designer after designer, she's totally right! Long skirts are everywhere right now!


Ladies, we have to do our part and start wearing minis again, fast! Check out these 10 short but sophisticated skirts that will do more than just show a little leg -- they could help save our financial futures!


I wish I had the legs to be a skirt model. These little numbers (left, $49.95; right, $39.99 on sale) are basic cuts -- and neutral enough to be worn with whatever color you choose.


This Vera Moda gypsy border print skirt ($48.27, Asos.com) is flirty and fun.


These Kimchi Blue Paperbag skirts ($49, UrbanOutfitters.com) tie at the waist, making them very flattering. The best part? They're available in five colors. skirtsYou'll never catch me complaining about a good bargain. This skirt from H&M ($24.95, HM.com) comes in a bunch of exotic prints, and is perfect for day or night. Dress it down with a pair of sandals, or up with pumps and a blazer.

It's sale time at Ann Taylor. Scoop these minis up while they're hot! These skirts (left, $69.99; right, $99.99) are gorgeous to begin with, but even more attractive when you take an additional 40 percent off

Do you believe skirt length can affect the stock market?

Image via Azureon2/Flickr

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