Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama Recycle Their Wardrobe: Should More Celebs Do It?

Kate MiddletonKate Middleton's pedestal has definitely gotten a foot or two higher since she began turning up at major events in clothing she has *gasp* worn before.

Not only did she turn up a few days ago in a green dress by Diane Von Furstenberg that she had worn in Los Angeles last month, but she even dared to attend the highly-publicized wedding of Zara Phillips in a coat she had worn to another royal wedding back in 2006.

I love this girl!

Kate's not the only fashionable public figure wearing the same outfit more than once.

Michelle Obama was spotted on Sunday wearing a skirt she wore to a public event back in November.

Wardrobe recycling is catching on, and it's having an impact on my friends and me as well.

What about you?


When I was pulling together dresses for the many parties and events at the BlogHer '11 conference this past weekend, I went shopping and bought two dresses and a sweater.

Everything else I wore, though, had "been seen" before at other blogging events.

In years past, I would have been a little hesitant to rewear a dress that I had worn to another party with the same guests, but now that wardrobe recycling is fashionable, I gleefully put them on again for another go-round.

I have several other friends who did the very same thing, with my encouragement.

Not only is it more economically feasible for most of us, but let's be honest: No matter what we buy, we still have just one or two outfits that make us look GREAT. Why not wear them again? And again? And again? And again?

I actually begged one friend to wear a dress to BlogHer that she had worn to an event in Chicago the month before, because I had seen her for only a few minutes and recalled that she looked GREAT. She saved money by wearing it again this past weekend and I got to see it again. It's a win-win!

Now I'm hoping that other celebs follow the recycling trend and start turning up at more than one event in clothes they love. Kelly Osbourne may disagree, but don't you think it would be fabulous if wardrobe recycling to special events became the norm?

What are your thoughts?


Image via Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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