The Surprising Thing Women Like to Lie About

makeupIf I asked you right now what makeup you've got on, would you give me an honest answer? A new consumer study suggests that you might not, that you'd lie to my face (how could you!) and tell me a tall tale about your makeup usage. The survey of 300 American women and 300 French women found that 8 percent of both nationalities lie about how much makeup they're actually wearing.

My assumption would be that we're hiding how much we're wearing, not how little, but the study doesn't clarify. That's to say if you asked me what kind of makeup I had on right now, I'd fib and tell you I don't have on any. But I do. I always have on makeup because I always fill in my eyebrows. I'm a liar.


I consider myself low-fi when it comes to my daily beauty routine -- I don't wear mascara nor lip gloss nor any face gunk -- so if asked, I would definitely say that I wasn't wearing any makeup ... and I may or may not say it with some sort of chip on my shoulder. "Like, nope! This girl is all natural, baby. Jealous?!"

But I'm a total liar. I can't leave the house without filling in my brows. I always always always have eyebrow powder on. My brows are so blonde they're almost invisible, which doesn't make sense because I'm a brunette, so I gotta fill 'em every day, twice a day. You may cover up a zit, I cover my brows. We're both wearing makeup any way you look at it. So why are we lying? I have no idea why I've been embarrassed to admit I'm wearing makeup -- maybe it's got to do with admitting you're not perfect. Seems reeeeeally silly when I put it in writing -- I mean, it's just brow powder! I'm not on trial! I feel super silly for fibbing about something so meaningless.

The same study found that when it comes to telling the truth about how much we spend on beauty products, French women are liar liars pants on fires: 20 percent of them lie about how much they're shelling out for makeup and treatments compared to 10 percent of American women. We're pretty even when it comes to what we lie about most each week: Our weight. Fifty-one percent of Americans lie about it and 60 percent of French women do, too.

So! Do you lie about the amount of makeup you use?

Photo via Gabi Butcher/Flickr

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