'Project Runway' Recap: Who Couldn't Think Outside the Litter Box?

tim gunn petlandOn tonight's Project Runway, all the looks could have been fit for dogs. And the designers' unconventional challenge was totally for the birds! No, seriously! They had to find all the material they were going to use in 30 minutes at a Petland discount pet store, spending $300. Besides muslin, they had to stick to pet products, like ... aquarium rocks, doggie wee-wee pads, dog bedding, and pet food! Definitely a challenge that demanded imagination, innovation, and an open mind. Honestly, while watching them gather up dog food, leashes, dog toy ropes, reptile homes(?!), I really had NO idea how they'd "make it work." It almost seemed hopeless!


But, somehow, they totally did it! I was truly speechless at how "smashing!" most of the looks came out.

Laura Kathleen is one of the designers who didn't make a super-splash this week, but she toats won my heart. She gets an A for effort ... even though she is a major princess ("I've been shopping? At Neiman's? Since I was in the single digits!"), but I loved how she made a "dog cone collar skirt" (which reminded me of something Gaga wore circa The Fame), but then scrapped it entirely for a brand-new design when it was obviously showing her model's under-booty.

I also adored Joshua McKinley's "Sea Vixen Barbie" (oh Michael Kors, you crack me up) look made from shimmery, multi-colored aquarium rocks!

But the for-real stand-out piece was -- in both my and Heidi's opinion -- by far Anthony Ryan's dress made entirely out of BIRDSEED. Up until they were ushered out to face the judges, I swear, I thought he was going to choke. I mean, he was glue-gunning all these little bird seeds onto the dress, and he even had his model lying flat on the floor so he could touch it up at the last minute! But WOW -- when she stepped on the runway ... who knew a dress made of birdseed could be so breathtaking?! Awe-inspiring, as well, because he did such an artistic, expensive-looking dress (albeit too short for Nina's taste!) in such a short time period. 

Ultimately, though, the judges preferred 22-year-old Oliver's dress, which was definitely high-fashion and impressive considering that he used doggie bedding to create a "Sherpa top" (Michael's words, I believe, ha!) and hamster and bunny home filling to create an ombre skirt. Meh. It was too frumpy for my taste. Guess I was with Heidi on this one.

As for the worst of the worst ... sadly, Joshua C. got the "auf wiedersehen" for his college bar scene-ready dress, which looked something Julia Stiles could have worn in Save the Last Dance or some other crappy teen movie from 1997. Having used doggy umbrella FABRIC, the judges agreed he went the "safe route" and ended up being far too conventional! Whoooops. He seemed like a doll, but you know, you gotta play by the rules if you want to be "in," honey.

What did you think of this "unconventional challenge" and the designs that came out of it?


Image via Lifetime

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