Eyebrow Emergency? Strange 'Embroidery' Trick May Work

gwenyth paltrowI remember the first time I fell in love with eyebrows: It was August 2007. The September issue of W magazine had just arrived in my mailbox, and my life, and my brows, would never be the same thanks to cover girl Gwyneth Paltrow and the makeup artists who made her eyebrows look so darn good that I was inspired to rush down to CVS and buy up all the eyebrow filler that $9 would allow me. I've been filling in my blonde, thin brows ever since, and I am a better person for it.

That's why I get really excited when I hear about new brow treatments. I simply must know the latest and greatest in brow maintenance. Enter chic SoHo salon Browhaus and their 'Brow Ressurection' treatment. The before and after photo is unreal.


A brow resurrection isn't as scary as it sounds. Browhaus technicians, who are trained for two months in Singapore on all things brow, create your new brows by hand-drawing individual hairs onto your brow line using soy ink. I know -- sounds like the scary makeup tattoos that are totally horrible. But judging from the photos, the treatment looks really natural, and it lasts up to two years.

It takes about two hours for your new brows to be drawn in, and it costs about $1,400. The price tag is a major turn-off (I wish I got $700 an hour at my job!!) so I could never, ever do it, but if I ever win the lottery, I'm heading to Browhaus.

It's perfect for over-plucked eyebrows or thinning brows, or brows like mine, which are just too blonde for their own good. I discovered rather late in life how very, very important eyebrows are to framing my face -- I'd argue a well-groomed brow is the single most important thing you can do to enhance the beauty of your face. Either fill them in or pluck them down, but do what you gotta do to make sure those furry lines are looking their best.

Here's a before and after shot showing the power of the Brow Resurrection:

brow resurrection

If you're interested, contact Browhaus. If you're interested in helping my brows, I accept cash and checks.

What's your eyebrow routine like?

Photo via theglamorouslife.com

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