Big Shoulder Pads are Back! Will You Wear Them?

Olivia WildeOlivia Wilde showed up at the premiere of The Change-Up in a hot new (again) trend that's sweeping the nation:

Shoulder pads.

Yes, ladies. The big, boxy shoulder pads we loved to hate in the eighties are back, with a vengeance.

In fact, I am wearing a new dress as I write this post that came with shoulder pads.

Do you think I kept them in or cut them out?

Click through and find out!


Oh girl, please.

You know I cut them out!

I mean, I like to be as fashion forward as the next woman, but when I go out in pulic, I want people to be looking at ME, not at my SHOULDER PADS.

And be honest, those shoulder pads are the first place your eye went when you saw this photo of Olivia Wilde.

Anyway, my big city friends are reporting seeing more and more shoulder pads out and about now, whether they're at work or at formal events.

I for one am horror-struck.

I really, really, really hate shoulder pads.

What about you? Will you wear this trend? Or will you leave it in the eighties archive, where I think it belongs?


Image via Splash News

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