Jake Gyllenhaal Goes Bald: Is This Sexy?

Jake GyllenhaalJake Gyllenhaal is baring it all for his new film, End of Watch ...

At least as far as his head is concerned.

Yes, like millions of balding men around the globe, Jake shaved it off. He shaved it all off.

And I'm not liking it.

I know I'm in the minority here. I seem to recall being handed my hat the last time I admitted on this blog that I'm not a fan of the shaved head look.

Granted, some men look great with shaved heads -- just far fewer than are currently sporting them.

What is long with a little fringe around the chrome dome, people?


So ... do you think Jake's new, um, lack of 'do is sexy?


My guess, of course, is that he'll let that hair grow back the moment he's done shooting this film.

My other guess is that it was truly terrifying on the day that he shaved it all off. You just know he was having heart palpitations over whether it would all grow back.

For some reason, I'm having a tremendous urge to Google that photo of Ben Affleck's toupee flapping in the breeze.

Wait a second. I'll be right back.

Arggh. I couldn't find it. Was I hallucinating that image? Because I can totally see it in my mind's eye. But I did find a funny article about it, so maybe I'm not imagining things.

Anyway, baldness. Ben would probably look good bald. J.P. from The Bachelorette looks good bald.

But your average dude on the street?

Not so much.

That's just my opinion on the matter.

What's yours?


Image via Splash News

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