Poop in Style With Poo-Pourri

Poo-PourriIt's not exactly polite to talk about, but everybody poops.

(Except me.)

And there's nothing less fashionable than leaving an unpleasant odor behind when you exit the loo.

Well, now there's Poo-Pourri, a spray designed to eliminate the odor so that no one has to know but you.

And here's the thing -- Poo-Pourri is totally different from sprays that mask the odor. It does something totally different. Something sort of ... revo-poo-tionary. (Sorry.)

Want to know what? You'll be surprised!

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Before you go, you spray Poo-Pourri directly onto the surface of the water. The spray forms a film on the water, trapping the odor at its source.

Brilliant, right?

What I really love about Poo-Pourri, though, is that it comes in lots of different kinds of packaging. There's literally a Poo-Pourri for everyone! Check them out:

Crap ShooterThere's Crap Shooter ...


Call of DoodyCall of Doody ...


Oh My Goodness!My personal favorite, Oh! My Goodness Shhh ... It Happens ...

And plenty more.

There's literally a Poo-Pourri product for every member of your family. I guess you'll just have to decide who stinks most!

What do you think of Poo-Pourri? Will you get some for your handbag?


Images via Poo-Pourri

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