I Went Ombre. Would You?

OmbreA few months ago, I told you about the ombre hair coloring trend, popularized recently by celebs like Rachel Bilson and Drew Barrymore. Ombre is when your hair starts dark at the roots and gradually becomes lighter until it's blonde (or nearly blonde) at the ends.

I admitted that I was dying to try it myself and your reactions were mixed -- about half of you were for it and half against.

Well, after seeing some of the stylists with the look at Salon Nfuse here in Nashville, I took the plunge WENT OMBRE.

See the results after the jump!



Lindsay Ferrier

Here I am, immediately after getting my hair "OMBRED." (I totally made up that word.) It took a little under three hours -- I got my hair trimmed and layered, had my roots touched up, and got the ombre color added with foils. But the whole thing was pretty easy.

I think it's a really fun look for summer (I might tone it down a little when it gets cold) and I love it because it's very low-maintenance -- no root touch-up required!

Ombre is the hot trend in Nashville hair right now, but it hasn't yet hit the mainstream public, so now was a good time to do it. Salon Nfuse owner Stephanie Trail says some natural blondes are even coming in and having their roots DARKENED in order to get the ombre look!


So, what do you think of my newly ombre hair? Would you try this trend?


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