Kim Kardashian's Wedding Day 'Love' Won't Last Forever

kim kardashian fragranceKim Kardashian sure does have a nose for business. The engaged celebutante's latest money-making venture is a new limited edition fragrance called ... wait for it ... Love. Kimmy was so inspired by the eternal flame of passion she found in fiance and soul mate Kris Humphries that she just had to bottle it and sell it ... for one hundred US dollars.

Guess money can buy you love, after all! But if you want to get it, you must act fast (picture red lights flashing and a frantic phone operator standing by trying to answer all the frenzied calls coming in at once) because, after all, Love is fleeting. Love won't be around forever. Love is only available for a limited time.


There are only 1,000 bottles of Love being made. Here's the breakdown: 1 bottle goes to Kim for her wedding day, 200 for her bridal shower (Jesus! that's a big shower), and 799 for us plebeian fans who just can't say no to Kim or to Love.

I don't know what she's trying to tell us about the 'L' word by limiting the run of her fragrance -- why won't Love last forever? From the business side of things, a limited edition drums up early and fast sales, but from an emotional prospective, does Kim really want to put out a product called Love that's going to eventually run out? Just seems like bad karma before the wedding.

Anyway, the Kardashians are famous for their marketing savvy and for capitalizing on their fame, so kudos to Kim for getting this fragrance off the ground. I'm sure Momager Kris had a lot to do with this, she's got a real knack for kashing in on her daughters, so hats off to her, as well. Each bottle will be numbered and signed by Kim, too, which is cool.

The only thing that I'm a little confused about is the math. If each bottle retails for $100, say that's, oh, I don't know, $50 wholesale, the K Klan will make $50 for each of the 799 bottles sold ... that'll bring in about $40,000. Minus the vendor costs (BTW I'm tooootally guessing on this stuff), maybe they'll net around $30,000? Perhaps that will cover the cost of Kim's honeymoon!

Snifffff. I can smell the Love and the money from here. Pre-order your Love here.

What do you think of Kim's new fragrance venture?

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