We Can Finally Shop at Zara Online (Thank You, Kate Middleton!)

zaraZara fans ... good news! Our favorite Spanish clothing store confirmed that they're launching an e-commerce site that will sell online to US customers starting September 7. I'm so happy I'm air high-fiving imaginary Zara fan friends that are sitting next to me right now. We're thrilled!!

It's been a long road, but we've finally gotten here. It was such a letdown last summer when Zara announced they were going e-comm, only to follow it up with a stipulation that just European customers would be able to purchase the goods online. But my fellow American Zara fanatics, our day in the sartorial sun has come ... and we may have Duchess Catherine to thank.


Remember that blue Zara dress she wore the day after her wedding that sold out in a matter of hours? Maybe Zara realized that they really missed an opportunity for gang-buster sales by restricting orders to European customers only (imagine the orders they could've gotten from us in the States!) and finally decided to right their wrong. Hooray!

I don't know what took them so long, but I'll let bygones be bygones at this point. Zara's clothes are trendy, reasonably priced, and well-made. Some of my favorite items are from Zara and it's the first place I head to when I feel like picking up a few new things. I also really like that their clothes look expensive -- not sure if that makes me shallow or not, but I like looking like my outfit is designer and cost $600 when it's Zara and cost around $150.

H&M, the other go-to European clothier, announced back in January that their Stateside e-comm site will launch in the beginning of 2012. I'm not as pumped about H&M's site though -- they don't have the consistency in sizing and the overall quality of clothing that Zara does. Plus, do I really wanna spend $12 on shipping for a $10 shirt?

In about four weeks, my virtual cart on Zara.com will be overflowing with fall trends ... and happiness. I can't wait.

Will you shop Zara online?

Photo via Zara.com

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