Could Kate Middleton Be Losing Her Killer Style?

Kate Middleton and Prince WilliamOh, Kate. I'm worried about you. In the last year, you've become such a style icon. Your elegance and grace even radiate straight across the pond. But the latest pictures of you and Wills out for a morning walk have me concerned -- and a little bit sad. Unlike that totally cute Reiss dress you wore a few weeks ago, I have no interest in buying what you're wearing in these shots. In fact, I did a double take at the photos of you and the hubs strolling through Edinburgh. I was hoping I was hallucinating.

Except I wasn't.

Please, don't let this be a signal of what's to come. Check out these four Kate Middleton fashion faux pas ...


First thing's first: Look at the photos. Now, let's get down to business.

Faux Pas No. 1: The fact that they're matching. I get that it's common to share the same good taste as the man you adore. Similar to KM and the Prince, my boyfriend and I bought matching maroon University of Connecticut hoodies the last time we were visiting our alma mater. But the difference between us and the royals is that we have a spoken "you're never allowed to wear that in public at the same time I do" rule. Apparently, the Prince and Duchess didn't get the memo.

Faux Pas No. 2: That collar. Some people call it a "Peter Pan collar." I call the whole look just gosh darn awkward. Really, if you're past the age where school uniforms are acceptable, then you're far beyond this getup. The collar alone makes Kate look like she's straight out of a pre-teen fashion catalog. The sweater without the collar, although not my shtick, would be 100 times better.

Faux Pas No. 3: Skinny jeans and sneakers. There was a time a few years back where I committed this crime. Except I had a bummed foot, was training for a marathon, and had no choice. Kate, honey, did you not have a pair of flats near by? Or even more appropriate walking sneaks that would go better with this ensemb? Ugh. I shiver.

Faux Pas No. 4: The color scheme. Something about the shade of purple with her trademark jeans throws me off. If I was gonna flaunt a royal hue, I'd go for a lighter denim. And I'd lose the collar. Oh wait, did I mention that already?

Hopefully, this isn't terrifying foreshadowing of a frumpy new settled-down Kate Middleton.

Listen, Duchess. I understand that you had a long weekend. And considering how fabulous you looked at Zara Phillip's wedding, I can't blame you for taking a day off. But get it back together ... for me, please? I'm craving a new outfit and I need some inspiration.

What do you think of Kate and William's matching outfits?


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