Pippa's Winning Tan Gives Hope to Her Ghostly Subjects

pippa middletonIt's August and I'm officially as pale as a sickly nun in the wintertime. Gah! I hate it. I wish I could be as beautifully bronzed as Pippa Middleton, and apparently I'm not alone. A recent poll of 2,000 women between the ages of 18 and 44 revealed that our Pippa has the most desirable celebrity tan of 2011. Hear, hear!

Pippa's "royal mocha" tone won 60 percent of the votes -- fellow Brit Cheryl Cole came in second with 26 percent for her "cappuccino" tan.

Tanning isn't new for Pips, she's rocked a sun-kissed glow ever since we've met her. But aren't the British known for their English rose complexions, their alabaster skin with aflush cheeks ... and their fire-engine red sunburns when they come in contact with the sun?

Me thinks Pippa's paving the way for a tanner United Kingdom.


I'm all for the classic English rose turning into a classic piece of burnt British toast. I love a tan and I don't care who knows it. I won't fake tan, or self tan, but if I'm able to lay out in the sunshine, you better believe I'm hoping to walk away a few shades darker. Why? Because I feel better about myself when I have a little color. I feel healthier and more attractive. And the poll found the same results: 75 percent of the women in the same survey said they feel better about themselves with a little tan.

So pave us a tan road, Pips. I come from a long line of pasty white Brits and I will join in her crusade to get away from the blanched and into the bronzed. If everyone feels better that way, let's find the most safe, organic, flawless self-tanners on the market and swim laps in it.

Pippa was tan at the April wedding in London, so I know she's got some sort of secret tanning regime she's just waiting to share. Duchess Catherine has a nice glow herself, but Pippa really werks it. Same with her butt. Pippa's tan (and her ass) looks natural and achievable, which is maybe why we're all a little bitty teency weency obsessed with her look ... and why I need a "royal mocha" tan now more than ever.

Which celebrity tan do you like?

Photo via Splash News

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