Sagz Jeans: Make Sure Those Jeans Never Fall Down

Saggy JeansI know you've been in this situation.

You're walking behind a man with his pants sagging so low, you're just sure they're going to fall right down around his ankles at any moment.

It's all you can do, in fact, to keep yourself from running in and pulling them up for him, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.

Well I'm happy to announce that men need worry no more about that problem ...

... not if they buy themselves Sagz Jeans!

Check out the secret to Sagz Jeans after the jump!




Sagz Jeans look like an ordinary pair of saggy jeans, right?

But these jeans will NEVER FALL OFF THIS MAN.


Here's an explanation from the company:

Our patented concept consists of high quality jeans that sag naturally. Our boxers are attached to the waistband of our jeans by snaps. The underwear are detachable and removable. The three rows of snaps are designed so consumers can sag their SAGZ JEANS at different levels without having to constantly pull up their pants, resulting in more time to be active, express themselves, and show their SWAG.

So not only can men keep their pants up, they can also CHOOSE their level of sag!


I know you're feeling left out right now. Don't worry. Sagz Jeans has plans for ladies' jeans as well. I see a major competitor to PajamaJeans in our future, girls!

In the meantime, get your man a pair of Sagz Jeans for just $85 here.

What do you think of Sagz Jeans?


Images via David Sim/Flickr, Sagz Jeans

h/t: Racked

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