Other Royal Wedding Gown Is Nice, But What's Up With Kate's Hat?

zara phillips wedding gownZara Phillips, Queen Elizabeth's eldest grandaughter, got married to big burly rugby player Mike Tindall today in Scotland in a perfectly nice event with much less fanfare and media attention than Will and Kate received. Oh, speaking of which, they were at the wedding and I bet you are dying to see what Kate was wearing!

But wait, that's not fair. This is Zara's big day. She deserves to have us talk about her dress a little bit, even though she had initially said she didn't even want photographs of the dress released and that the wedding was more of a quiet "family thing" than a Big Royal Ta-Do.

So here's Zara Phillip's dress at left. It was designed by a guy named Stewart Parvin who we've never heard of but the Queen likes. It's white. It's simple. It's beautiful. So is she.

Now on to Kate ...


She appeared in a stunning brocade style cream jacket, top skirt and shoes. But she does anything but fade into the background. This is one woman who can rock the neutrals in the big way (we still can't forget that awesome camel dress she wore when meeting the Obamas).

Kate Middleton cream outfitEven the big hat looked great on her. And it's actually not that goofy either compared to some of the ones that made an appearance at her own wedding. Princess Beatrice must have received quite a scolding after the last fiasco because her hat was even smaller than Kate's. Camilla's looked like a flustered peacock on her head and there were a few flourescent numbers, but other than that, the headgear effect was pretty minimal this time around.

Word also has it that Kate showed up to the couple's pre-wedding party last night wearing the same green Diane von Furstenberg dress she wore during her tour of the United States. Love the new era of practicality in the latest crop of young royals.

Zara and her hubs are no exception, either. They are skipping their honeymoon so she can compete in a horse show and he can go back to rugby practice.

Do you like Kate's hat?

Images top to bottom: Splash News; Chris Jackson PT/Getty


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