Does Latisse Turn Blue Eyes Brown?

LatisseI was shopping with my friends yesterday when we came across a display for eyelash lengthening treatments.

"Let me see your eyes," the shopkeeper said to us as we browsed. "If you have brown eyes, you don't need to worry. But if you have blue or green eyes, it may make them change color."

What the?!

I had never heard of such a thing, but the shopkeeper swore she knew two different women whose eyes had permanently changed from blue to muddy brown after using Latisse, the same prescription eyelash lengthener promoted by blue-eyed actress Claire Danes.

I had to get home and investigate the claims. Here's what I found ...


There definitely were a lot of questions and concerns on the matter, and at, a number of doctors weighed in on the issue.

According to Chris Thiagarajah, Fairfield Oculoplastic Surgeon:

It is NOT 100% KNOWN at this time if Latisse will or will not change eye color. In the FDA trial for Latisse none of the patients with blue eyes turned darker color however that was not a large number of patients. I counsel patients and let them know this. The iris color change for Lumigan is more due to cumulative dose than getting one or several large doses in the eye. It is logical to assume a risk is made putting in Latisse over years the same way may change iris color which is IRREVERSIBLE. It is a known risk that the user must be aware of. Latisse has been out only a short time. We have not seen the cumulative dosing effect in the  two or so  years it has been out. Time will tell. The important thing to understand is that this risk is not reversible and is permanent.

However, a number of other doctors disagreed. Writes Monika Kiripolsky, San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon:

Your question is a good one, as there has been an incredible amount of false information that's been spread regarding the potential for people to develop a change in the color of their eyes (irises) as a consequence of using Latisse to stimulate eyelash growth. To answer your question, no, if you have blue eyes, you do NOT have to worry about your eye color changing while using Latisse as directed (applying to your upper lash line every night).


All I know is that I'm glad that I have brown eyes, so that in the event I ever find the time to try an eyelash lengthener, I don't have to worry either way.

What about you? Do you use Latisse? Have you seen any impact on your eye color?


Image via Latisse

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