Obsessed with Plastic Surgery? There's a Magazine For That!

New BeautyI think there's a magazine for just about everything under the sun.

When I went to visit my grandmother last week, for example, she showered my kids with copies of Bird and Bloom, a magazine about songbirds and the flowers that attract them.

And when I went to the beach with my girlfriends over the weekend, I was introduced to New Beauty ... Whaa??? ...

 ... A magazine for women who love plastic surgery.

Somehow, I don't think Gwyneth Paltrow knew she was going to make the cover this month.

What about you?


New Beauty essentially looks like every other beauty magazine on the inside, except that instead of articles on watching your diet and the proper way to do crunches, it has articles on lip fillers and breast augmentation!


Plus, for your kids' enjoyment, there are a plethora of before and after shots of naked boobies.

I think the disturbing thing about this magazine for me is there is enough material out there on plastic surgery, fillers, and other non-natural ways to be 'pretty' to fill an entire magazine, month after month after month.

Also, articles like "What's the Right Age for a Necklift?" and "A New Wrinkle Reducer Set to Debut This Spring" make me yearn for the day when aging naturally will once again be a beautfiul thing.

Honestly, I love seeing older women who've simply taken care of themselves, kept their bodies fit, eaten healthy food, and gotten enough sleep each night. They are becoming rarer and rarer and to me, they are the true beauties.

What's your opinion? Would you buy New Beauty magazine? Does it make you sad/irritated that it's out there at all?


Image via New Beauty


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